In the year of 2020 we must continue our vow to Never Forget and we think this is the most important year that we say to ourselves. “The Life of a Loved One May Never Be Replaced But Their Memory Can Be Carried On Forever”. 2020 has been a year we will all never forget and we hope we can count of ALL OF YOU to go out for a run this Saturday Sept. 12th in honor of all of our family and friends that we taken from us 19 years ago because it is our obligation to them to Never Forget them!


We are extremely disappointed that we can not host the race this year. Due to Covid restrictions and the lack of NYPD permits being given out, nor do we want to run the risk for future races being cancelled on us. We hope you all understand the reasons for our event being cancelled this year. Even though we can not host our annual Remembrance Race in the Roxbury and Breezy community, we ask that you ALL still throw on a Remembrance Race Shirt from one of the past years races and go out and Run & Remember!


Feel free to grab a few friends and go for a walk, jog or run together and help us continue to carry of their memories forever. They certainly deserve it.


If anyone is interested in making a donation to the 9/11 Memorial Fund, we would certainly appreciate that kind gesture as both memorial sites have and will be under construction with repairs and up-keep throughout the year.


Please click the DONATE tab to make a donation.


Thanks so much, be well and may God Bless You All.


Sincerely -  The 9/11 Memorial Race Committee


Brian “Blinky” Flanigan is a year-round resident who was raised on Reid Ave. Since the age of five he has grown to love this wonderful neighborhood with all his heart and soul. Having served on the 9/11 Committee at its inception, Brian brought great pride and gratitude in helping to bring the community together on Family Day each year at the ballfield and has had huge success in raising funds to help the beautiful memorials that were built on the bayside in Breezy Point and Roxbury. As the years have passed, none of us have forgotten those that were taken from us, nor will we ever, and an event like this will help us to keep their memories alive, as well as teach the younger generations of Breezy Point about these amazing people. This fundraiser will contribute to the continued maintenance and up-keep of the 9/11 Memorial expenses that accrue throughout the year.