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It's hard to fathom that our lives were so drastically changed nearly 20 years ago on that beautiful sunny Tuesday morning of Sept. 11, 2001. That beautiful day was immediately changed to the darkest day in a matter of seconds, then minutes, hours, days, weeks and now years later. I for one have never forgotten where I was that morning (teaching at PS 47 in Broad Channel) when I looked out across Jamaica Bay and saw a huge fireball in the sky. Not knowing at the moment what it actually was or knowing what had just happened on American soil let alone in our "backyard". But within minutes we were informed of what had happened and my life was forever changed as it was for so many of you I'm sure.

14 years later I had an idea and then a confirmed vision that I must Never Forget..... while on a run, I thought to myself why don't I organize a Remembrance Race to honor the victims of the Breezy Point Cooperative that were taken from us on that dreadful day. Why not show their families that Their Loved Ones Are Not Forgotten and We Will Forever Remember Their Beautiful Souls.

The Breezy Point Remembrance Race was formed and we've had great success in raising money for the memorials in Breezy and Roxbury over the past 5 years. After four successful years of the race, Covid tried to keep us down but like true Breezy Pointers you all came out and supported us by purchasing the Covid Edition tee-shirts and hopefully went out for a run on your own.

So here we are..... 20 years later and the Breezy Point Remembrance Race will carry on.... unfortunately with Covid still bothering us we need to put some restrictions in place. But nonetheless we will continue this tradition of Never Forgetting.

So I ask you to please join us on Sunday, Sept. 12th for the 5th Annual Breezy Point Remembrance Race as we Run, Remember, and Celebrate the Lives of all those lost 20 years ago. Especially the members of our BP community. If you can not join us, please consider making a donation or purchasing a tee-shirt to help us continue to raise funds for the 9/11 Memorials upkeep and repairs.

Please click the DONATE tab to make a donation.

Thanks so much,


Stay Safe, Be Well, God Bless America & God Bless Breezy Point


Sincerely -  The 9/11 Memorial Race Committee


Brian “Blinky” Flanigan is a year-round resident who was raised on Reid Ave. Since the age of five he has grown to love this wonderful neighborhood with all his heart and soul. Having served on the 9/11 Committee at its inception, Brian brought great pride and gratitude in helping to bring the community together on Family Day each year at the ballfield and has had huge success in raising funds to help the beautiful memorials that were built on the bayside in Breezy Point and Roxbury. As the years have passed, none of us have forgotten those that were taken from us, nor will we ever, and an event like this will help us to keep their memories alive, as well as teach the younger generations of Breezy Point about these amazing people. This fundraiser will contribute to the continued maintenance and up-keep of the 9/11 Memorial expenses that accrue throughout the year.

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